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Will MultiStations Replace Laser Scanners?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how the new Leica Nova MS50 compares to Leica Geosystems’ powerhouse HDS laser scanners, the ScanStation C10 and ScanStation P20 (and now the newest addition, the ScanStation P15).

It’s important to note that the MS50 isn’t replacing these two scanners. For applications where you need high-accuracy, long-range scanning with a high scan density, ultrafast scan speeds and/or high data quality, these HDS solutions are still your best bet.

However, there are some things that the MS50 does better than a scanner. For example, the ease of the MS50 workflow and its integration into SmartWorx makes it a versatile tool that you can use anywhere, anytime, not just on specialty projects. This means you can take the Leica Nova MS50 into the field every day and make money with it, whether it’s scanning or not. Additionally, the MS50 completely eliminates the need for targets and point cloud registration—two of the most intimidating aspects of the 3D laser scanning workflow for professionals who are new to scan technology.

Professionals who already have an established laser scanning business and are familiar with the software used to process high-density datasets will still want to use powerful HDS solutions to meet the needs of their clients. But the MS50 provides an added level of versatility for multidisciplinary firms and public safety professionals who need access to a full range of tools. And for those who have never before worked with 3D laser scan datasets, the Leica Nova MS50 makes it easy to get their foot in the door and expand their service capabilities.

It’s not replacing HDS, but it is an attractive new solution for adding laser scanning to your traditional workflow.

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