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How Will the ‘Digital Transformation’ Affect Your Firm in 2014?

Everything is going digital, and successful businesses will be those that re-invent their operating models to take advantage of the modern digital economy. That’s the conclusion reached by Cognizant, a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, in a report released in October 2013.

According to Kevin Benedict, a senior analyst at Cognizant, 3D laser scanning is a key component of the digital transformation. In a recent blog post, Benedict notes that 3D laser scanning of physical objects creates a precise digital representation.

Once the digital representation is in your computer, you can import it into asset management, maintenance, service and other kinds of software systems. Here you can add notes, tags, location data, maintenance schedules, inspection reports and regulatory and compliance documents.  All of these data points allow the organizations responsible for maintenance and services to have a very clear understanding of the asset and the services required. These precise digital representations enable the organization that owns the digital content to have a significant competitive advantage over companies that don't.

These types of digital records provide valuable information about infrastructure and plants. “A plant that is digitally transformed is likely to be far more productive and profitable than one that is not,” Benedict says. Read the full article here, or watch the video below for more of Benedict’s insights.

Will the digital transformation create new business for your firm in 2014? How is the demand for laser scanning services changing as a result of the digital economy? Share your comments below.

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