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Why MicroSurvey Will Become the Preferred Office Software

Have you seen the latest releases of MicroSurvey CAD Ultimate and MicroSurvey CAD Studio? I’ve been working with both of them over the last month alongside the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, and I have to say I’m impressed. MicroSurvey CAD Ultimate 2013 makes it easy to manipulate point clouds and other data from the MS50 within the working file, which makes the workflow more cohesive. And the ability to manipulate and draw in 3D with MicroSurvey CAD Studio streamlines the workflow while allowing the user to produce amazing drawings. Both programs are easy to learn and easy to use, opening a lot of doors in creating high-value deliverables with less effort.

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These benefits make the MicroSurvey office software very attractive for surveying and engineering firms. My prediction is that a lot of firms that invest in the Leica Nova MS50 will adopt the MicroSurvey software as their preferred office program.

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