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The Truth About the Leica Nova MS50

There’s been a lot of discussion in online communities and social media about what the Leica Nova MS50 is and isn’t. A common misunderstanding is that it is just another laser scanner or hybrid system. However, it isn't priced to compete with some of the more recent laser scanners on the market, and hybrid systems have already been around for awhile, so what’s the big deal with Leica Geosystems’ new solution?

Not Just Another Laser Scanner

Low-priced systems promise an easy way to get involved in laser scanning, but there’s a catch—the user has to understand how to manipulate and work with point cloud data, as well as purchase the software and training needed to turn point cloud data into valuable deliverables. In this scenario, any time saved in the field capturing the data is often lost in the office dealing with processing large datasets. Additionally, everyone involved in the process, from the field crews to the CAD technicians to the client, is at risk of data overload if the data capture and processing aren’t handled correctly.

The Leica Nova MS50 is not a laser scanner; it’s a high-accuracy survey tool that can be used by a standard survey field crew every day on every project, that also happens to have fast laser scanning capabilities for project areas that require additional data. It includes easy-to-use field software based on the familiar SmartWorx Viva interface, and the scan data doesn’t require any registration or processing. Additionally, the scanning function is only used where it’s needed, keeping the datasets manageable and easy to handle in the office. And because it’s a full-package solution, the office workflows have also been streamlined through software that is tailored to the Nova MS50 capabilities, such as MicroSurvey software, Leica Infinity, Leica MultiWorx for CAD, and others. The complexities of laser scanning have been removed from both the field and office, making it easy for surveyors to add 3D capabilities to their service offerings.

More Than a Hybrid System

“Hybrid” survey instruments are not new. Over the last several years, various technologies have been introduced that promised to integrate surveying with laser scanning and/or imaging. However, the 3D data capture capabilities of these instruments have been minimal at best (generally in the 30-40 points-per-second range), and they have been difficult to integrate into everyday workflows because of complex data management routines.

The Leica Nova MS50 combines the best of both robotic total station and laser scanning technologies, providing 1,000 points per second of laser scan data capture, and also integrates imaging and GNSS capabilities for a true all-in-one instrument that surveyors can use on real-life projects from day one. The Nova MS50 isn’t just a hybrid—it’s a complete survey solution that’s in a category of its own.

Dozens of Everyday Uses

The truth is that there is no other solution like the Leica Nova MS50 available today. You can use it in the morning to stake a building and in the afternoon to do an as-built survey with the scanner. You can use it to measure overhead power lines, new roadways, or tie-ins to existing utilities and water/sewer lines. Use it as a total station with the intuitive SmartWorx Viva workflow and easily integrate laser scanning when and where you need it. Whatever the requirements of your project, the Leica Nova MS50 is the multipurpose multistation that allows you to get every job done faster, easier and better.

But don’t take my word for it. Attend HxGN LIVE 2014 to see for yourself why the Leica Nova MS50 is creating so much buzz in the surveying profession. If you have specific questions about the Nova MS50, please post them below and I’ll be happy to answer them, or contact us to schedule a private demo.

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  1. Christine Grahl

    There are four Live Tour events scheduled for Ontario in September:

    Sept. 17: North Bay

    Sept. 18: Sudbury

    Sept. 18: Toronto

    Sept. 19: Timmins

    No events are currently scheduled in Ottawa; however, it may be possible to arrange for a separate demo. Someone will be in touch with you soon.

  2. I have a dredge contractor that wants to perform a pre-conditions survey with the ms50 . I requested that they perform a bathymetric survey using a Hydrolite-TM 200KHz single beam echosounder or equal. I would believe to use the ms50 that the lake would need to be drained and we would have to wait some time to dewater the sediments. Is the ms50 able to perform a bathymetric survey? Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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