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A Starting Point for BIM Models

When CGM Development in City of Industry, Calif., asked Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.-based WestLAND Group, Inc., for an as-built survey of an office building in early 2014 to support redevelopment of the site as a condominium, the project started out as a basic survey. WestLAND surveyed the building interior and submitted Continue Reading

When to Use a MultiStation for BIM

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation is a very exciting technology for the construction industry, especially in the area of quality assurance for general contractors. The total station functionality allows contractors to back check subcontractors’ work with real-time delta reporting. When building elements such as a column are out of tolerance, Continue Reading

Why 3D Surveys Are the Future

Thomas E. Cerchiara, PLS, still prints 2D paper maps for his engineering and construction clients. But he only prints them on request, and those requests are becoming increasingly rare, says the president of Beacon, N.Y.-based TEC Land Surveying & Geomatics. “Our clients—especially larger municipalities and engineering firms—want the data. As Continue Reading