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Not-So Old Timer?

I have enjoyed my 30+ year career using Wild and Leica equipment.  I was very interested in the Leica video presentation at our NC MS50 Live Tour this past week hosted by Transit & Level Clinic, Cary, NC.  Of special interested during the video was the pan through the wall of pictures of Leica, and related, equipment.  I realized that, as the video regressed in time through the years, I have used most of the equipment shown.  With each picture, and with each T2000 or T2, I felt a little bit older!  All good fun, though, and great memories of working on some significant projects with some excellent equipment.   New equipment?  With the Nova MS50, we can no longer say “man, this is a lot better than pulling a chain.”  Now it’s “man, this is a lot better than our old 3D Scanner!”  #novalivetour


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