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The Nova Live Tour in Baton Rouge, LA

Baton Rouge photo

My story with attending the #novalivetour was pretty exciting and funny. When I arrived at the Crowne Plaza facility, I walked to what I thought was the registration for the event; come to find out, I had actually walked into a Geotechnical Conference that had nothing to do with G360 or the Nova MS50.  I did receive some pretty neat, free gifts in the process, though.

After I realized the G360 event was on the other side of the building, I made my way there and found the room. Inside was a great deal of awesome equipment and demos. The guys in charge explained in great detail the equipment and its functions. I ended up getting some more free stuff such as a t-shirt and hat (photo posted along with this story). I will definitely attend another #novalivetour down the road.


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