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Do You Need a Dedicated Scanner or an Integrated Scanner?

If you want to add 3D laser scanning capabilities to your services, the choice between a total station scanner (also called a multistation) or a high-definition (HDS) laser scanner can seem daunting. Here are some points to ponder:

  • Do you already have a scanning workflow? The multistation eliminates the need for targets and point cloud registration—two of the most intimidating aspects of the 3D laser scanning workflow for professionals who are new to scan technology. For this reason, surveyors who are comfortable with traditional workflows using total stations will easily adapt to a multistation that offers the same familiar workflows when working with point cloud data. Conversely, firms that already use or are familiar with high-definition scanning software such as Cyclone and CloudWorx will likely achieve a fast return on investment from an HDS scanner.
  • How much scanning demand exists in your market? If you anticipate doing a lot of scanning work in a variety of applications, you’ll want the combination of high-accuracy, long range, high scan density, ultrafast scan speeds and high data quality that can only be found in an HDS scanner. However, if you’ve never done laser scanning before, a multistation is a great way to bridge the gap and provide flexibility in your services as you grow your scanning business. The high-accuracy total station capabilities of a multistation can be used every day on every project, with the flexibility to apply scanning, GNSS and imagery when and where it’s needed.
  • How quickly do you want to grow your scanning business? Some firms benefit from having both the versatility of a multistation and the fast, high-definition scanning capabilities of an HDS scanner. For many mid-size and larger firms, using these two solutions in tandem removes all barriers to providing comprehensive 3D deliverables that increase the value of surveying services.

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