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MultiStation Plan Awards Highlight Innovative Deliverables

This year’s Leica Geosystems HDS Plan Contest included a new category, “MultiStation,” to recognize innovative work being done with the Leica Nova MS50, which integrates laser scanning in a high-precision total station. An annual highlight of the Geosystems HDS/Laser Scanning subtrack at HxGN LIVE, the contest gives service providers the opportunity to show off their state-of-the-art deliverables by submitting plans that incorporate 3D laser scanning.

Entries in the new MultiStation category were carefully evaluated by a panel of 11 qualified judges for the completeness and usefulness of the plans, the creative use of point clouds and models, and overall appearance.

First Place Winner

After a substantial amount of deliberation, the judges selected Brasfield & Gorrie as the first-place winner for its Grandview Hospital As-Built Survey.



Second Place Winner

Second place went to 1519 Surveying LLC for its Raw Material Inventory Report.


Honorable Mention

Glapin Milphrey received an honorable mention for its MultiStation scan of Seattle’s Space Needle.



HDS Plan Awards

The other three categories focused on projects completed with HDS, or “dedicated,” 3D laser scanners. First- and second-place winners in those categories were as follows:

Buildings and Heritage:

  •         First Place: F3 & Associates, Inc., Benicia, CA - California Memorial Stadium 3D Hard Copy™
  •         Second Place: Project Surveyors, Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia - Existing Conditions BIM Model


  •         First Place: Allegheny Surveys Inc., Birch River, WV - Site Survey of Mohawk Dam for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  •         Second Place: The Land Group, Eagle, ID - Topographic Survey for Vallivue High School Track & Field


  •         First Place: F3 & Associates, Inc., Benicia, CA - California Crude Oil Refinery Vessel Top Replacement 3D Hard Copy™
  •         Second Place: Zenith, Perpignon, France - 3D Scan for Clash Analysis in the RBH Plant in Ontario, Canada

“We’re seeing a transformation where the market is beginning to view the 3D world as standard,” said Mike Harvey, HDS product marketing manager for Leica Geosystems and the HDS Plan Contest chair. “As a result, service providers are raising the bar on the deliverables they provide to their clients. The HDS Plan Contest gives surveying, engineering and construction firms the opportunity to evaluate the latest state-of-the-art being offered by their peers while also giving them a target to create something new and even more innovative. I can’t wait to see next year’s entries.”


Submissions for the 2015 HDS and MultiStation Plan Contest will open in the spring. For more information, email



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