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Leica has done it again! This is the surveying tool that incorporates fully functional geodesy and scanning…

Data collection is taken for granted by many young folks we all work with. For others, it is still a miracle that we can do so much data collection with accuracy and precision. I am very proud to own the MS50, and each day we are learning what we can do and new ways of solving old problems.

IMG_11171The HDS3000 was the first scanning tool I bought. I've always been a WILD - now LEICA user. All technology is good. Leica is GREAT, as Jim Collins points out in his book about the difference. Leica for sure is a company that produces the highest quality survey instruments, and this integration of geodesy, surveying, and scanning (the panoramic photos are nothing to overlook also).... Finding new applications each day.

This photo was at the end of the first day it was used. That was January, 3, 2014. We have many ideas and will be pushing the limits to see how we can create more efficient and more accurate data in formats that communicate to expedite the workflows for our clients. This is very exciting and a huge step in the right direction. No more point cloud registration.

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