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How to Complete a 6-Acre Site Survey with 3D Deliverables in Two Hours

A large topographic site survey can be a challenge, especially when the project demands a fast turnaround. Add a requirement for 3D deliverables, and extensive office work often increases the complexity. To overcome these challenges, firms are turning to solutions like the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation, an instrument that integrates laser scanning, imaging, a 1" robotic total station and GNSS in an all-in-one solution in which all measurements are stored in one database - in the same coordinate system.

The images above is the result of some robotic shots and about eight scans of a 1000’ x 250’ site (a little under 6 acres) containing four detention ponds. The field work took about two hours (including control work/traversing) and the office portion about 15-20 minutes to generate the following surface, contours, etc. Because all of this is being done from the MS50 (a 1” robot) there is no need for pointcloud registration, scanning targets, running control separately, etc. All measurements, be they robotic, images, scans, or GNSS are on the same coordinate system, correctly oriented, and in the same database. As a result, all of the modeling was done from “raw data” straight out of the instrument with no need for any post-processing.

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