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Leica Viva SmartPole Brochure

The Leica Viva SmartPole gives you the benefits of both TPS and GNSS. Increase productivity, use GNSS to orientate your TPS and easily switch between GNSS and TPS to measure all points with total flexibility. Combine the Leica Viva SmartPole with the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation to easily add 3D laser scanning when working Continue Reading

What Is mergeTEC?

You’ve heard it mentioned in passing in news stories and interviews, and you’ve seen the logo in close-up images of the Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation. But what is mergeTEC, exactly, and what benefits does it offer to professionals involved in the capture and management of spatial data? mergeTEC, quite simply, Continue Reading

Leica Nova MS50 Brochure and Datasheet

The Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation combines precision 3D scanning, extensive and precise total station capabilities, digital imagery and GNSS connectivity in one revolutionary solution. This advanced measuring technology provides unchallenged accuracy and quality, yet is easy to use for an unprecedented range of applications. Download the brochure and datasheet to learn more. Download the brochure: Leica Nova Continue Reading