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Calculating Quarry Volume With the MS50

When we recently were tasked with calculating the volume of a quarry, we knew right away what equipment we were going to bring: the Leica Nova MS50. With ease we were able to scan the entire quarry within a couple hours. Although the quarry measured nearly 2500 ft across in some areas, we were confident that with the MS50, range was not going to be a problem.

When setting up multiple times, we were pleased to see all of our setups merged flawlessly directly on the unit, and we were able to determine our scan quality in the field right on the instrument. By using the MS50, we saved ourselves countless hours of TPS shots and the daunting task of approaching the edge of the quarry. We were able to calculate the volume of the quarry much more accurately than with a conventional total station, and all with a one-man crew.

I can only imagine what our next opportunity to utilize the MS50 will bring but I know one thing - I can't wait! #novalivetour


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